Reed Clemons, Beth Selba Lasita and Matt Berendt photo

from the get-go, our goal has been to provide a casual place where Austinites and visitors could enjoy great wine and food. When we first opened, we called ourselves a wine bar. However, since our inception, we have had a full kitchen. Does this make us a restaurant, people wonder? It definitely makes us more than a wine bar—we are The Grove Wine Bar | Kitchen.

We hope our customers appreciate and enjoy what we do. It truly is a labor of love. A number of people, both current and former employees, have helped make The Grove what it is today.

A restaurant can never rest on its laurels, especially in a place like Austin that has so many great dining options. We’re always trying to stay on top of our game and make things even better, and we never lose sight of the initial idea that wine and food are for everyone to enjoy.

Beth, Matt and Reed